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BAM Festival:
Get LITerature!

Curriculum Connection: English

August 31st - 10:30AM - 1:30PM

Grades 3-5
(Suggested but Suitable for K-12)

Discover the enchanting world of literature at the BAM Festival: Books, Books, Books Field Trip! Designed for grades 3-5, students will explore book stations, enjoy interactive puppet shows, create their own stories and book covers, and engage in a thrilling literary scavenger hunt
. Join us for an immersive and magical adventure celebrating the joy of reading and creativity. Come play with us and some of our awesome vendors!

Sensory Studio, Sears Studio Performing Arts Academy, Giving Tree Music, Kona Ice and more!

Kona Ice will be available at the event please check your emails after registration for the prepay link to share with parents.


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