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Meet our

Education and Outreach Coordinator

Katrina Young

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A Bit About Me

I am honored to hold the position of Education and Outreach Coordinator for the illustrious Class Acts Program at the Mahaffey Theater. With a background rooted in Columbia, Maryland, I embarked on a journey that led me to the Pinellas County area at a tender age. My educational path culminated in graduation from Seminole High School through the early college program, followed by the pursuit of a degree in environmental science with an engineering concentration at the University of Redlands in Southern California.

Beyond my scholastic pursuits, my heart finds its solace in the arts. The embrace of community theaters during my upbringing instilled in me a deep-seated passion for artistic expression that continues to thrive. At present, I have the privilege of directing the Class Acts Program, a role that enables me to ignite young minds through transformative arts experiences.

Prior to this, I dedicated four years to nurturing minds as I taught mathematics and science across diverse institutions in Pinellas County. Yet, my aspiration extended beyond the classroom walls - a desire to infuse the joy of learning into a broader spectrum of students' lives.

As the steward of the Class Acts Program, I stand humbled and exhilarated. This initiative, supported wholeheartedly by the Bill Edwards Foundation for the Arts and Mahaffey Theater, touches the lives of over 30,000 students annually. Our mission remains resolute - to curate immersive arts encounters encompassing live performances, captivating outdoor art festivals, and innovative virtual ventures.

The path forward is luminous with promise, and I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Bill Edwards for entrusting me with the vital responsibility of guiding this remarkable journey. Together, we are shaping a future adorned with artistic brilliance, scholastic enrichment, and timeless memories for our students to cherish. I invite you to connect with us as we explore the captivating endeavors and the remarkable milestones that await.

With gratitude,

Katrina Young

Education and Outreach Coordinator

CLASS ACTS - Youth Educational Program at Mahaffey Theater

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